Company Formation

Company Formation

We have over a decade of experience the Qatar business environment.

There are several options when starting a business in Qatar and we will work with you to agree the best option for your business. We know that it is important to you to be able to start quickly and efficiently and that is why we will clearly set out all the steps for the agreed option and communicate regularly with you on progress.

Limited Liability Company

This is the most common solution and involves a local Qatari partner who holds a 51% share of the business. We have a good relationship with a local sponsor (and this is the structure of our own business).

The business is treated as ‘local’ and no minimum capital is required.

Tax of 10% is normally paid on the company profits and an annual audit is required.

Branch Office

This route can be used where a specific Government contract is being performed and 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

The authorisation is only for the specific contract and the profits are taxable.

Representative Trade Office

This option is for companies which are looking to promote and market their products and services in Qatar and full foreign ownership is allowed.

The company can build relationships however it cannot contact end customers directly or conduct financial transactions.

We would be happy to discuss your company’s goals and agree the best solution with you.